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FAQs about Licensure & Practice

The title of “psychologist” is a protected legal term. Obtaining a PhD or PsyD is accepted as the education credential for license eligibility to practice independently as a clinical psychologist. Some terminal master’s degree psychology programs prepare students for doctoral training (i.e., research focused masters degrees) and other master’s degree programs prepare them for direct clinical work as social workers, mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, etc; however, these professionals are not considered psychologists.
  1. Submit application for license and registration (Form 1)
  2. Request certification of professional education (Form 2) and transcripts to be submitted by your university. Note: you must submit certification of out-of-state licensure and exam grades (Form 3) if you are licensed in another state or jurisdiction
  3. Complete coursework or training in the identification and reporting of child abuse and support an authorized Certificate of Completion
  4. Submit an Application for Limited Permit for Persons Gaining Experience for Licensure (Form 5A) if you need a limited permit to gain hours for license (i.e., before you can start gaining post-doc hours)
  5. Request a Report of Professional Experience verifying that you have completed 1,750 hours (Form 4) be submitted by your pre-doctoral / internship supervisor.
  6. Take the Exam for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) exam: Register here:
  7. Request supervisor to submit post-doctoral hours to submit another Form 4
  8. Wait for your application to be approved
Find the state board’s psychology license requirements for the state in which you are interested in becoming licensed. This website is a good resource as a starting point:
Use the License Verification Search here if you are in NY State:

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