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The CNYPA Snapshot is our new bi-monthly blog that features a different psychologist within the CNYPA membership. The intended audience includes our fellow CNYPA members, as well as the general public – both of whom may be interested in obtaining psychologically-minded information and fostering connections with the wonderful psychologists who serve Central New York’s diverse population.

CNYPA Snapshot: Stephanie Rabin Scherr, Ph.D.

Stephanie Rabin Scherr, Ph.D.Work Location
Skaneateles Psychology Associates

How did you become interested in the field of Psychology?
I was always interested in science, so I thought I would become a research scientist. I also had a fascination with human behavior, but never had considered combining those two interests. About halfway through college, a mentor helped me realize that clinical psychology was the perfect fit for me.

Briefly describe your area of specialty:
I specialize in CBT, acceptance-based treatment, and exposure therapy. I treat adults and kids 10 and upstruggling withdisorders such as OCD, anxiety, body-focused repetitive behaviors, and tics.I also provide counseling for clients struggling with infertility.

Based on your specialty, what is one piece of advice for our readers?
Don�t believe everything you think. Our minds are just trying to protect us, but sometimes they go overboard.

Can you provide a recommendation for how our readers can begin to implement your piece of advice?
Try to change your relationship with your thoughts and feelings. Notice how often you have a thought and don�t act on it because you know it�s not the best choice. You can treat your fears the same way.

Tell us something fun about you:  If you weren’t a psychologist, what would you be?
I wouldn't be very qualified, but I�d love working as a scientist at NASA!

Readers can contact me at 315-217-6888.