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The CNYPA Snapshot is our new bi-monthly blog that features a different psychologist within the CNYPA membership. The intended audience includes our fellow CNYPA members, as well as the general public – both of whom may be interested in obtaining psychologically-minded information and fostering connections with the wonderful psychologists who serve Central New York’s diverse population.

CNYPA Snapshot: Clare Campbell, Ph.D.

Clare Campbell, Ph.D.Work Location
Private Practice

How did you become interested in the field of Psychology?
I became interested in psychology during college. Then after college, I worked as a research assistant at the Syracuse VA Medical Center, where I interviewed veterans with PTSD. That role solidified my interest in Clinical Psychology.

Briefly describe your area of specialty:
I specialize in psychotherapy for young adults with anxiety and stress-related disorders, as well as chronic pain and other chronic medical conditions. Iutilize an integrative approach to psychotherapy, based on my background in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Based on your specialty, what is one piece of advice for our readers?
Practicing self-compassion is often helpful, and that is especially true during times of increased stress and uncertainty.

Can you provide a recommendation for how our readers can begin to implement your piece of advice?
Pay attention to your self-talk — not just the content of what you say/think to yourself, but also the way you speak to yourself (i.e., your tone). Then compare that tone to how you would talk to a loved one, a friend, or even a child. Could you benefit from practicing a gentler, kinder tone with yourself? (Many of us could!)

Tell us something fun about you:  If you weren’t a psychologist, what would you be?
That’s tough since I really love what I do! In an alternate universe, I could imagine myself working in travel or hospitality.

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